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Time Cycles Research

Source for the best astrology software for the Mac, rich in features, fully matured.


Astrology Software for the PC (Solar Fire et al), Reports, Books and Services.

Jim Maynard's beautiful astrological calendars in various useful formats.

Celestial Influences Calendars

Excellent periodical of the global astrology community, with articles, forecasts, book reviews and humor.

The Mountain Astrologer

Required reading for serious students of history and astrology.

Cosmos & Psyche by Richard

Trends Analysis and Numerology using Pythagorean numerology and modern-day cycles.

Gail Minogue
Lara Owen

Writing for inspired, awakened living. Insightful perspective on our astrological conditions.

Liz Greene

Profound astrological Jungian master. Major influence on modern astrology

Astrology, humor, and subtle wisdom. Learn as you laugh.

Michael Lutin
Robert Wilkinson

A metaphysical astrologer using astrology, spirit, and archetypes to articulate the unfolding of time.

Gifted dance and yoga teacher, lyric astrologer, and loving voice of the spirit.

Samantha Cameron

Evolutionary Astrologer, profound and articulate. A modern master of astrology.

Steven Forrest
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